Terms &  Conditions

We, as a global community, witness how change could be so sudden in today’s highly competitive business environment, life challenges, and personal struggles. As a result, this realization could affect how we work, where we work, and whom we work with. 


The Circle of Creative Masters offers space for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, mentors, luminaries, and genuine influencers to share their experiences, challenges, and creative solutions. Working together as they face challenges, by uniting their collective creative intelligence towards projects, tasks they are assigned/committed to or challenges they are facing.

COCM offers creative, manageable, and flexible solutions that will lead its members to new paths and mindsets that will support their transitions and growth to maintain a competitive advantage over other businesses, organizations, companies, governments, and communities.

Before applying to join us you should and must read and agree to our terms and conditions. They are as follows:

After interested in future certified creative and creatrix masters fill the COCM survey and based on how their answers,  the acceptance of their registration will be determined.

If applicants are qualified then they will be contacted by one of the Circles of Creative Master‘s institute’s admins. From that point, they will get their certification process started.

Any reported Certified CM violating standards or policy of COCM meetings conduct, will result in 3 step action depending on the severity of the violation. That starts from a;

  • Warning

  • Suspension

  • Termination

In case of termination, for example, that would be, someone who is using the name of the Institute to practice undercover/ unethical or unauthentic business transactions. In such cases, the Certified CM will be removed from site listing and will not have the ability to restore their active member statues.

Depending on the severity of the situation, the next level of action would be that the member status would be inactive for one year. The result could disqualify members from the annual renewal.

The Questionnaire will be displayed and available to access after initial free site registration. 

Certifications are accredited by a third party.